What makes Red Letter different?

You are in control. Choose the policy that fits your unique needs from a variety of insurance carriers. More choices means finding the right fit for you and your unique needs.
All at the best rates possible.

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Coverage You Need


Whether you rent an apartment or own your own condo, townhome or a single family home, manufactured home or modular home, we’ve got it covered, and we’ll get you covered!


Whether you drive a car or truck, cruise in a classic car, ride a motorcycle, pilot an RV, tear it up on an ATV or other toy, captain a boat, or um, navigate a spaceship (ok, that one may be a stretch!), we can take care of you.


If you have high value or rare items over $2500 in value, such as jewelry, furs, artwork, antiques, stamps, coin collections, firearms, musical instruments or expensive cameras, we can provide you with scheduled coverage, to make sure you’re fully covered in the event of a loss.